Lawn Equipment Operations Safety & Tips

Operating lawn equipment can be a dangerous task. To avoid injury from operating lawn equipment and protect your body from materials that are ejected mowing equipment and from being caught in moving parts, it is important to wear the appropriate clothing and equipment.

Proper Clothing and Equipment While Operating Lawn Equipment

  • Close-fitting clothes and no jewelry. Pull back long hair.
  • Long pants, and sturdy, non-slip boots to protect your legs and feet from objects that are thrown from the mower. Never wear sandals, which expose your feet, or tennis shoes, which can easily be severed if caught under the mower deck or in the trimmer’s cutting swath.
  • Safety glasses and a face shield.
  • Hearing protection. Over time, you will lose your hearing if you are exposed to loud noises without protection.

Safety Tips to Avoid Injury While Operating Lawn Equipment

  • Keep both hands and feet on the equipment at all times.
  • Never use a mower or trimmer without all shields and guards in place.
  • Never add blades or chains not recommended by the manufacturer.
  • Shut off the engine before picking up debris or unclogging the chute.
  • Never work on the equipment while it is running.
  • Be cautious on wet grass.
  • Always push the mower, never pull, to keep from pulling the mower over your feet.
  • Always start riding equipment from the operator’s seat. Do not start riding equipment while standing beside it.
  • Never carry extra passengers, including children, on a riding mower.
  • Stay alert. Watch for traffic and pedestrians when crossing or working near roads, driveways, parking lots, building corners, shrubs, trees and other blind spots. People, animals and traffic move quickly and may not realize they are in the path of danger. Be aware of your surroundings at all times.

Lawn mower accidents cause around 85,000 injuries a year just in the United States, costing on average of $37,000 per patient. Don’t be part of a statistic – use caution and practice safety while operating lawn equipment.