Prevent Workplace Fires

Every year in the US there are 16,500 workplace fires, including stores and offices, that cause $932 million in direct property damage. Here are some tips to help prevent workplace fires, keep workers safe and keep businesses open.

Eliminate fire hazards in the workplace:

  • Check for damaged or overloaded electrical outlets, cords and cables.
  • Keep anything that can burn away from your electrical equipment.
  • Never leave portable heating devices unattended.

Employers need to prepare for emergencies:

  • Make sure smoke alarms and fire sprinklers are properly installed and working.
  • Post clear fire escape plans on every level of a building.
  • Teach employees about exit locations, escape routes, and fire protection equipment.

If there is a workplace fire:

  • Call 911.
  • Notify co-workers of the fire.
  • Never use an elevator. Walk, don’t run, down the stairs.
  • If you can’t evacuate, remain calm. Seal door gaps with jackets and wait at the window.

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