1950’s – 1990’s



New Fire House Request

The members of the fire department asked the town council to get funds to build a new firehouse and were told “No.” The fire members decided to collect funds to build a new firehouse themselves.

This was the start of tension between the two and continued for many years.

October 12, 1956

New House and Apparatus

The Members moved into the new firehouse.

The funeral home donated one of its hearse/ambulance combo for the department to have its first ambulance.

Christmas 1957

Mr. Thomas Whitmore’s First of Many Donations

Chevy Dealer, Mr. Thomas Whitmore, donated the first of many pieces of apparatus and was a huge supporter of the department.

The department also received its first 2-way radio.



Addition to the Town

West Point annexed the Town of Port Richmond and the department continued to grow.

1970's to 1980's


Firehouse Addition

Two bays were created at the firehouse

January 16, 1975

Old High School Fire

The old high school was likely the first but not final fire set by the Route 33 Arsonist.

Late 70's - Early 80's

Route 33 Arsonist

An arsonist hit the area. The unnamed arsonist buried buildings, restaurants, hardware stores, two churches, and apost office, and the final burn was a retired high Sshool that was used for storage. No one was ever charged but there was a suspect.

Late 70's - Early 80's

Training for Technical Rescues

In the 70s, with the fire department working accidents on Interstate 64 and the backroads in the rural counties, the need for hydraulic tools to remove victims from wrecked vehicles was great. The department purchased their first “Jaws of Life” and other pieces of rescue equipment to help with these and other needs.

West Point had the paper mill, a large granary with multiple silos, a propane depot, and a veneer plant, each with the need for specialized equipment and to meet the need for specialized rescue, the department invested heavily in new equipment and training in the 80s. These paid off on multiple incidents at the industrial businesses in town.



Plane Crash

In 1995, an airplane carrying ten skydivers and two pilots crashed into a home in King and Queen County killing a man in the home and all of those on the plane. The department responded to the call and worked with National Transportation Safety Board officials over the next 24 hours to stabilize the incident and ensure that a proper investigation was carried out.