Volunteering Opportunities

Serve Here, Grow Anywhere

Whether you want to be on the front lines delivering emergency medical care and fire protection, or providing the administrative support required to operate a volunteer department, there is a position for you!
West Point VFD Firefighter


West Point VFD volunteer firefighters protect the lives and properties of their neighbors by responding to various calls such as fires, car crashes, chemical spills, and disaster situations. Participation in the program also allows individuals to determine whether they want to pursue a more significant role in the fire service.


Our Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) provide prompt, effective care to those needing medical help and transport to the hospital.

* Volunteer Firefighter/EMTs and EMTs receive the same intense and physically demanding training as our career counterparts. You will receive, at no cost to you, all the required and advanced training, including emergency vehicle operations, emergency medical technician, and entry-level firefighting.

Administrative (non-operational) Support Membership

In addition to providing fire, rescue, and emergency medical services, our department operates as a non-profit organization. There are many people behind the scenes who never respond to calls but who are just as important. These people provide the support needed to ensure our operational staff have the equipment, training, and benefits they need to do their jobs.

Types of jobs performed by our Administrative Support Members include:

Join "Our Team. Our Family."

Membership also allows individuals to pursue a more significant role in the fire service, including a career.