Get Indoors when Thunder Roars!

Get indoors when thunder roars

Thunder and lightning storms happen all the time. Know what to do to keep you and your family safe when storms strike! Outdoor Safety If you can hear thunder, you are within striking distance of lightning. Look for shelter inside a home, large building, or a hard-topped vehicle right away. Do not go under trees […]

Staying Safe Near Downed Power Lines

Power Line Safety - Overhead powerlines can carry more than 500,000 volts. Touching one of the lines can provide a path for electricity to the ground and seriously injure or kill you. Assume all power lines are energized and dangerous.

If you come across a downed power line, always assume the line is live and dangerous. Power lines can energize the ground up to 35 feet in diameter, that’s about three car lengths. If the ground is wet, it could be even more. Immediately call 911 to report the downed line. Never try to move […]

Recreational Vehicle Fire Safety

Firefighter battling old motorhome fire.

Traveling and living in motor homes, campers, and recreational vehicles has grown significantly over the past few years. Each year, fires in them cause deaths, injuries, and millions of dollars in damages. Common locations for fires in motorhomes are the kitchen, engine area, and the electrical system. With a few simple safety tips, you can […]

Tips to Prevent Home Garage Fires

Home suburban car garage interior with wooden shelf, tools equipment stuff storage warehouse on white wall indoor. Vehicle parked at house parking background. DIY workbench for repair home appliances.

Every year, there are over 6,000 garage fires in homes within the US, with electrical malfunction being the leading cause (shorts in wires, damaged wires, overloading electrical outlets, etc). Garage fires tend to spread farther and cause more injuries and greater dollar loss than fires that start in all other areas of the home. FEMA […]

Preventing House Fires in the Winter

Preventing house fires in the winter

Did you know that home fires occur more in winter than in any other season? Some alarms may use your home’s electrical system and that could stop working during a power outage. Make sure that your smoke alarm has a back-up battery and replace the battery at least once a year. Three out of five […]

Safety Tips for Raising Chickens

Backyard Chicken Coop

Raising chickens as a hobby is popular. Hobby farmers enjoy raising hens as pets or livestock. Protect people, property, and your flock from the tragedy of fire. SAFETY TIPS Make sure that heat lamps are properly secured. This will keep them from being knocked over. Keep heat lamps away from anything that can burn. Keep […]