Emergency Vehicle Driver Training

Did you know that our operational members must be certified in Emergency Vehicle Driving/Operations prior to becoming an Emergency Vehicle Driver? There are a few steps to become a certified emergency vehicle driver.

  1. Members are required to participate in a 16-hour training to receive their certification. There is a list of approved training programs in Virginia on the Virginia Department of Fire Programs website.
  2. Certification in hand, members then spend additional hours with their mentor gaining the necessary time and skills behind the wheel.
  3. Once their mentor has signed off, we give the applause to our newest Emergency Vehicle Driver of the West Point Volunteer Fire Department.

We use non-urgent situations to perform training. On any given day, you might see an ambulance or apparatus moving around town with a driver behind the wheel in training. This is just one way our fire department is working to keep you and your family safe.

Safe, knowledgeable drivers aren’t born – they’re trained!

Want to slide behind the wheel of an ambulance or apparatus and become a certified emergency vehicle driver? Learn more about the approved EVOC Programs in Virginia by visiting the Virginia Department of Fire Programs website.